About Us

The Rambler Story

Rambler Publishing is a vanity publishing company that helps authors publish a variety of both fiction and non-fiction books.   At Rambler publishing we believe in the potential of every individual and we believe in a process of life-long learning.    At Rambler Publishing, we help authors at every stage of their publishing process.

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Who We Are

Rambler Publishing is a vanity press that works collaboratively with authors to help them with their publishing needs and to help them reach their target demographics.   We seek to help a broad range of diverse authors by publishing quality works in areas that other publishers shy away from.

The publishing process can be confusing for new authors and we specialize in helping new authors figure out how to navigate publishing their manuscripts in the manner that best suits their needs.


It is our vision to help aspiring authors get their manuscripts to market. We seek to expand the footprint of aspiring new authors. At Rambler Publishing, we publish a broad and diverse range of topics.


It is our mission to increase the diversity and breadth of published authors in all genre's of published works through a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion among authors we work with.

Our Team

Meet some of the members of the Rambler Publishing team.


Jon Doe

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Head of Marketing

Jane Doe

The amazing story of Jane Doe
Partnership Manager

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Sales Manager