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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

If Rambler Publishing decides to publish your book, it may be available in stores.   Obviously, no publishing company can guarantee that your book will be sold in any given store, but we do guarantee that stores will be able to order your book and sell it in their store.

When your book is published by Rambler Publishing, it becomes available to more than 40,000 retailers.

Rambler Publishing publishes books in several areas.   These areas generally include the following;


Children’s Books
Self Help

In the non-fiction arena Rambler specializes in a broad range of topics that incorporate theory and practice. Meaning, books that are able to blend scholarship to real world experiences. Unlike many academic publishers that do not publish first-person narratives, Rambler is willing to work with these authors on the incorporation of theory and praxis.


ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number.    ISBN is a numeric book identifier that is usually put on each edition of a book.   

Publishers like Rambler Publishing purchase ISBNs from an affiliate of the International ISBN Agency.

There are some distinct advantages from getting your ISBN through Rambler and utilizing Rambler Publishing for your publishing needs.  

Foremost, getting your ISBN from Rambler means that your book will bear the Rambler Publishing logo and copyright (if we copyright your book for you).   

Getting your ISBN through Rambler means that your book can be put up for sale on all self-publishing platforms.    If you get your ISBN from, Amazon for example, your book will only be able to appear with that ISBN on Amazon.   


Rambler Publishing can submit your book for copyright protection.   Copyright protection establishes legal right to ownership of your work.

Copyright protection protects your work from being stolen by others.   If your book is copyright protected you may be able to recover statutory damages if your work is stolen.  

Copyright protection is an important step in protecting your work.   Copyright protection needs to be filed very soon after the book is published in an effort to ensure protection.    

Rambler Mental Health can help copyright your book to protect any of your works published with us.


Rambler Publishing is a vanity press.   Rambler is very similar to self-publishing in that we offer our books and publications on self-publishing platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble to name a few.   We do not, however, publish everything that is submitted to us.    

Rambler Publishing can help in all aspects of putting together your book.

At Rambler Mental Health we will help with editing, cover design, Library of Congress control number procurement, ISBN procurement, and copyrighting.

Authors may use some or all of our services together.  At times, we contract with authors to handle all aspects of publishing their manuscript.

If you choose to fully publish your book with us, your book will bear the Rambler logo and be promoted by Rambler Publishing.   Your book will then become available to readers on self-publishing platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, under the moniker of Rambler Publishing.

For authors who contract with Rambler Publishing to handle all aspects of publishing their projects, your book will be available to brick and mortar retailers as well.  Although, we can not guarantee that any given store will want to carry your title, we do our best to ensure it is available to brick and mortar stores.